About Us

We facilitate partnerships which deliver sought-after content to drive ground-breaking engagement on a brand’s social media channels. Benefiting both filmmakers and brands in a completely new way, AAA ensures brands are treated as the official and exclusive marketing partner of the film, but with the added benefits that a key investor would secure. As a result, a brand can execute a strong global marketing campaign, but on top of that secures a recoupment position and profit share, meaning the brand could make its money back as well as make a profit should the film do well.

Our team is in a unique position. We have vast experience working with global consumer brands and so understand the challenges they face. At the same time, we have worked in the film industry for decades and as such have extensive knowledge of film finance, film publicity and an enviable network of award-winning producers that we work with allowing us to have exceptional knowledge of upcoming quality films yet to be announced.