April 30, 2014

Storytelling today for brands is crucial. At AAA, passionate about bringing stories to life, particularly through the world of film. We match stories by uniting producers, who are the world’s best storytellers, with brands, who are the world’s best marketers, helping them work together to reach wider audiences than ever before.

With the power of advertising diminishing other channels are emerging, most notably across entertainment.

Brands are realising the need to reconnect with their own stories and key issues that they themselves are passionate about.

Nothing is more engaging than a good story, but it’s how a story is told that is critical.

Film is in the most emotive medium – no other medium makes us laugh, love, cry, fearful, or thrilled the way Film does. At the same time video is the most effective tool on social media, securing film’s position as a crucial component to a brand’s social media offering.

More than that however, with the global roll out a film commands, it is a very strong and high profile marketing platform, thanks to the talent involved and the natural interest around the assets it generates.